Childhood Obesity has become a matter of great concern in today’s society. This is why our Subway Submarine Sandwiches have taken action in helping parents and schools address this problem.

One of the many ways we promote a healthy diet to young children is through our Subway School Lunch Order Program. The Subway School Lunch Order Program provides children with a variety of lunch pack options including a healthy sandwich, side and drink.

The School Lunch Order Program can be custom designed to suit your schools needs and requirements. Our friendly staff will work with you to formulate order forms catering for your students.

The best way to help your school is through our $6 School Fundraising Healthy Lunch Program. This program with $1 returned to your school with every order placed, has the potential to help raise your school well over $5000 a year!

The school lunch program includes;

A Sandwich (Sub) $5.00
  • With the choice of white/wheat six inch sub or a wrap
  • Choices of cheese and meat (Ham, Chicken, Roast Beef, Turkey or Vegie Sub)
  • Choice of Salads (Lettuce, Tomato, Carrot and Cucumber) and
  • Sauces (Mayonnaise, BBQ, Tomato, or Honey Mustard)
And Sides $0.50 each
  • Apple, Yoghurt or Cookie
  • Drink (low sugar Apple Juice, Calci Yum Milk or Water)
See order envelope below

To create a smooth and easy ordering system, we provide envelopes to schools which can be picked up from our stores or for your convenience, dropped off to your school. These envelopes are designed to reduce the workload for schools.

When the envelopes have been filled in, they may be returned to the store or we are happy to collect the envelopes, again being more convenient for you. No need to organise and count the money, we do this in store for you and return the proceeds ($1 back from each order) to you.

Whether it be the day before or the morning of the order, we understand your time is important, so feel free to contact us to accommodate a schedule for your schools needs and requirements.

In addition to our School Lunch Order Program, we can also help your school with various types of fundraising opportunities and sponsorship activities such as; benefit cards, catering vouchers for trivia and auction nights, encouragement awards, sports awards and much, much more! If we can assist you with any questions regarding our School Lunch Order Program and/or any fundraising activities, please do not hesitate to contact us